News: OMG! World's Strongest Beer!!

OMG! World's Strongest Beer!!

What is the Strongest Beer in the World??

Long live the Queen and move over Sean Connery because the Scottish have done it! The strongest beer in the world belongs to a company called Brewdog out of Fraserburgh. The beer is called Tactical Nuclear Penguin and has an alcohol content of over 32% -WOW! That is more than many hard alcohols and its creator warns it should be drunk in "...spirit sized measures." This means no 12oz. bottle for this mother of all beers. Instead try a 2oz. shot glass!

The makers of the small microbrewery Brewdog plan on opening a new bottling facility in Scotland, capable of producing millions of bottles of their special brews a year. And wait, they even have plans to make even stronger beers with alcohol content northwards of 40%! If you are looking to get your hands on the "King of all Beers" you may have to open your pocket book. Nuclear Penguin is in limited production and cost around $30 USD.

Step 1 Watch this Video of the Taste Test of the World's Strongest Beer

When your done watching you may or may not be craving a beer because this beer is a little hard to swallow. However, there are many great beers that come from overseas that can be sampled through International beer clubs. These clubs send you foreign microbrewed beers that are lightly distributed and offer amazing insight into the craft of beer making.

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