News: Something Dad Really Wants for Fathers Day...

Something Dad Really Wants for Fathers Day...

What Dad Really Wants from You for Fathers Day!

Stop and think before you give your dad another "World's Best Dad" t-shirt this Fathers Day. This is the healer of scrapped knees and your biggest fan at your baseball games when you were a kid. Shouldn't he be able to sit back in his recliner and enjoy something he truly wants this Fathers Day? The answer is YES! So, why not buy dad a drink and toast him for all his hard work over the years? I have a few steps to follow when choosing the perfect beverage for Dad this Fathers Day!

Step 1 Choose a Quality Beer

There is no beverage more beloved by fathers around the world more than an ice cold beer! There are two basic types of beers, lagers and Ales. Both are rich in flavor and come in many variations/flavors. Ales are more classic, having been around longer. Brewing lagers has only been around for a few centuries. Luckily, I recently found a way where you do not have to settle for one kind of specialty microbrewed beer for dad this fathers day. They are called microbrewed beer of the month clubs. Basically, these "beer clubs" send you lightly distributed beer from the best breweries domestically and internationally every month by mail! Not bad, right? The better clubs provide monthly newsletters accompanying each months beer selection. These newsletters are usually authored by brew-masters or acclaimed beer critics. As a recommendation, I have been a member of The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club and enjoy the experience immensely. In fact, I just signed my dad up for this fathers day for a few months to see if he will enjoy it as much as I do.

Last, what I like most about this approach (monthly beer clubs), is it takes the guess work out of choosing the right beer for dad and allows the professionals to do it for you!

Step 2 The "Right" Beer Stein

Don't let your dad drink his beer out of a plastic cup... This fathers day let him relax on his recliner with a frosty brew in his Beer Stein you gave him!

Leave it to the Germans to make great beers and great beer holders also known as "steins." Steins originated in the early 14th century in Germany, as a result of disease and abundance of flies in Europe at the time. They were invented as part of an effort to increase the overall health of the society and had lids that covered the beverage. Traditional steins are made out of stoneware, which is clay fired at high temperatures. Today, you can find them in various materials like glass, plastic, ceramics, etc.

If you are looking to make dad a true beer connoisseur, with his very own stein, I've done some research on where to start. After looking at several websites I found a website that offers traditional German Steins at great prices. The site is, they have the whole history and a wide selection of steins that dad will be sure to love!

Something Dad Really Wants for Fathers Day...

Step 3 A Toast to Dad!

After figuring out the right beer and the right beer accessories for this fathers day, don't forget the toast to "The Best Dad in the World." Remember to thank him for the past, present, and future and for being with you every step of the way.  A Cheers is always in order when having a beer with dad, especially on fathers day!

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